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As of 4/1/2018 I will be taking a hiatus from training for an indefinite amount of time due to life changes.  If you are in need of training for your dog please contact the APA (animal protective association), the Humane Society, or AKC (American Kennel Club) for reputable trainers.  In-home training is best, but any training is a plus.  

I apologize for any inconvenience.

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Positive Reinforcement Training

We train your dog with positive reinforcement, that is, lots of praise, love and TREATS!!  A dog learns best when positively rewarded for the things he/she does as opposed to being punished for the unwanted behavior.  With Positive Reinforcement Training we replace the unwanted behavior with the expected behavior so that the pet can be rewarded. 

Sign up for a Beginner Course today and see the benefits of Positive Reinforcement Training.

As a professional dog trainer my goal is to teach Pet Parents and their Pets together through in-home dog training in St. Louis , in order to improve the relationship between families and their pets.  To give the tools the family needs to insure that special relationship with their pet continues for years to come