Dogs' Amazing Instincts


The stories of a dog’s instincts alerting people of any number of things are simply endless.  With their advanced sense of hearing and smell alone, they can detect things that get right by their human counterparts.

Dogs become sensitive to the environment.  They can hear thunder miles away, long before we can detect it.  They will often become agitated, antsy, and unable to relax if they are afraid of storms.  They can also hear fireworks that are farther away than we can hear and react in kind. 

Dogs have also been known to “know” when a woman is going to be heading into labor.  Whether it is a sound they detect from the womb or a change in mom’s temperature, demeanor or other changes, the pet can be spot on with their knowledge of what is to come. 

Has your pet been drawn to some certain part of your body?  A woman found that her dog repetitively put its paw on her right breast.  In time she found out that she had breast cancer and the tumor was in her right breast. 

Our pets know our comings and goings.  Years ago I had as a child knew my dad’s car.  He not only knew what it looked like, he knew what it sounded like through closed doors and windows and before the car was even in view.  My current fur baby could detect the sound of my car door over that of several others in the immediate area of our condo. 

What kind of amazing instinct stories can you tell about your dog?