AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator      2013

Behavior Seminar:  Debra Horwitz, DVM, DACVB;  Amy Pike, DVM      2015

​Pinnacle Professional Member Continental Who's Who    2015

​National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) Member    2015

Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed     2016

Barbara Post, CCPD-KA

​​Barbara Post has been training dogs since she was gifted a puppy from her sister upon her College graduation in 1985.  Since then she has trained other family dogs, friend's dogs, and even trained dogs when she was an Interior Designer for 25 years.  Those furry four-legged creatures have held a special place in Barb's heart her whole life. 

She spent time volunteering at the Animal Protective Association (APA) of St. Louis for several years.  She was an accredited teacher at PetSmart dog training school in 2012 and continued there until creating The Home Schooled Pet teaching obedience training in St. Louis.  She has been recognized as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.

It is Barb's belief that Positive Reinforcement Training performed in the pet's home environment is the most beneficial format for training the family pet.  By working with the pet in their home, she is able to better instill good behavior that will ultimately become a solid part of the family pet thereby having a well behaved dog at home as well as out and about.   

Barb has a rescue pet herself, a Chihuahua/Shih Tzu Mix named Roxie.  She and Roxie met on Halloween 2012 and Roxie's "Gotcha Day" was two days later.  Roxie had been with a hoarder and according to a behaviorist, had spent most of her first 5 years in a crate.  Barb and Roxie have been working with Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) to combat Roxie's anxieties and inability to properly greet other animals and children.  Roxie greeting skills are much improved and neighborhood walks are much more enjoyable now. 

Barb continues to study techniques and procedures in dog training and behaviors to be able to give you and your family pet the best care and knowledge in training.