Holiday Vacations and Pets

The holidays are fast approaching and plans for family trips are being made.  Families with pets have extra plans to make while scheduling hotels, plane tickets and other details of the trip.  What do we do with Spike?  Where will he stay or who will stay with him?  Who do I call? Who do I trust? Will they treat him as well as I do? Will he be okay away from us?  


Kennels offers your pet a space of his own. He is fed and watered regularly.  Some will offer regular walks where others allow the pet to potty in the space and it is cleaned up a couple times a day.  Some offer play time with other pets, while others will offer individual play time with staff members.  

While kennels provide adequate space and set schedules for feeding and exercising their guests, it may not be what your dog is accustomed to.  Dogs who are not regularly crated or limited in the space they are allowed a kennel may be too restricting.  Also if your dog had been in a shelter before being adopted, a kennel may trigger a negative response in your dog and you may have problems with him upon bringing him home.  

Home Sitters

Dogs who are not accustomed to being with other pets or other locations outside their home may do well to have a sitter come to them.  Having been a pet sitter myself for a time I have seen for myself that staying in their home environment is very beneficial and calming for the pet.  Their schedule stays the same, they can sleep in their own favorite spots and walk in their own familiar neighborhood.  

Free Range Boarding

These locations are great for the social, active and fun loving pets.  Dogs who get along well with others, are not bothered by new locations do very well in this type of boarding situation.  Dogs spend their days mingling with and playing with all the other dogs.  Dogs are separated by size or age; puppies are kept together, big dogs play with big dogs and small dogs play with small dogs.  Inside play areas and outside potty and play areas are available.  Dogs are crated at night and staff is available 24/7.  

What is best for your pet? You know best, but it is up to you to seek out your options.  Ask lots of questions of staff and references.  Visits ahead of time with and without your pet are advisable.  Be sure to see all areas your pet may have access to when visiting. If you are interviewing a sitter be sure they are aware of all aspects of your pet's normal day.  

The holidays are coming! Don't put it off!  Kennels, Boarding places and Pet sitters book up fast.