Grooming: so much more than a haircut!

Living with and loving a pet is such a heartwarming adventure.  There is as much attention required for a pet as there is to a child! Feeding, watering, pottying, washing, brushing, cleaning ears, teeth paw pads not to mention the unmentionable areas!

Grooming is so much more than a haircut.  My cue for when it was time used to be when I couldn’t see her pretty brown eyes.  That has turned out to be the least of my worries!  Unbeknownst to me she had been getting matted in that unmentionable area and eliminating was becoming a problem.  Of course seeing the outward situation, or lack thereof (nothing to pick up) I went straight to the vet to find out the problem…is she constipated? Is it the food? Something she picked up and ate? A stomach issue?

NO to all of the above!  Her tiny tusch was matted and blocking the “exit”! 

My suggestion? Get on a regular grooming schedule to prevent issues!  Ears become dirty and can cause infection and itching.  Paws and pad area get overgrown and can become matted and dirty and cause pain and even a lack of grip on slick surfaces.  Keeping vision clear of overgrown hair and drainage from the eyes is a plus too. 

So beyond the bath and brush and cut remember there is so much more to grooming!​