February 2016​

Issues. We all have them. And you know what? So do our pets! Check out these scenarios:
“I do not like this pillow! I must destroy it!” “I love this pillow! I’m going to “love” on it every chance I get!” “Man in the Brown Uniform, get out of my yard right now!” “Excuse me, I want to get up on the bed, now I want to go under the covers, nope, too hot, now I want to sleep next to you, now I want to be on your pillow, will you scoot over and give me some room here?!” “Same food as yesterday? You gotta be kidding me, right?” “I’m not going to sit until I see the treats in your hand!” 
You know, being a pet is a hard life to lead! What kind of issues does your dog have? How often have you thought about helping him or her through that issue but didn’t know how? I can help you with that! Whether it’s barking, chewing, jumping, counter surfing, not knowing his or her “place”, there is a remedy for that issue and I’d be happy to help you work through it. Call The Home Schooled Pet at 314-403-2189 to schedule an evaluation or a class session today.​​