Policies and Agreement

For Dog Training Classes

A copy of the Agreement below will be presented to Pet Parents upon payment of scheduled class.


Agreement made and entered into by and between BJP Solutions, LLC d/b/a The Home Schooled Pet (Trainer) whose address is 101 W. Argonne Dr. #180, St. Louis, Missouri 63122, and the undersigned Pet Parent.

Agreement is as follows: 

Trainer shall provide appropriate training suitable in Trainer's judgement for Pet Parent's dog(s) at Pet Parent's home or other mutually agreeable location in the vicinity of Pet Parent's home as scheduled with Trainer.

Payment of ______________ for services to be rendered by Trainer must be made by Pet Parent at the commencement of any training session or course as may be applicable.  There shall be no refunds after the first session of any training course.

In the event Pet Parent cannot keep a scheduled session as set forth, Pet Parent shall contact Trainer as soon as possible (within 24 hours of the scheduled visit unless waived by Trainer) by telephone, text, or e-mail and the parties shall use  their best efforts to reschedule said appointed session to a mutually agreeable date and time.  The six classes in the session must be completed within an 8 week period or additional charges will apply.


Pet Parent hereby represents and warrants that his or her dog does not have vicious propensities and that Pet Parent will be present for and participate in each and every training session to the best of his or her ability.  Pet Parent shall be responsible for his or her pet's behavior during any training session and the payment in full of any costs, damages , or expenses related to said dog's behavior during a training session.  Pet Parent recognizes that his or her dog may come into contact with contagious diseases, animal or human, during a training session and that Pet Parent's dog may escape from Pet Parent's control and be lost or injured.  Trainer will not be responsible for any cost or expenses incurred as a result of Pet Parent's pet's participation in any training session. 

Trainer will use her best efforts in training Pet Parent's dog(s) but Trainer makes no representation or warranty that despite Trainer's best efforts Pet Parent's dog(s) will reach any particular level of obedience or performance.

Trainer reserves the right to refuse or terminate services for Pet Parent's dog in the event that Trainer reasonably believes that said dog poses a substantial risk of harm to Trainer or any other person or animal that may come into contact with said dog.

Pet Parent must provide prior to the start of any training session or course a valid current vaccination record from Pet Parent's veterinarian for Rabies, Parvovirus, Distemper, and Parainfluenza.  Bordetella is recommended but not required. 

Pet Parent must also provide a four to six foot leather or nylon leash (no flex or chain leashes), a buckle or snap collar, head halter or harness and a variety of small bit treats for Pet Parent's dog(s).


Pet Parent signature and date


Trainer signature and date