​​We just finished our six week training with Barb and we are very pleased!!!
Our puppy Lexie started out as an uncontrollable bundle of energy and now she is walking on a leash, heeling, and staying, among other skills.
Her positive approach centering on consistency and praise works wonders.
We are happier dog- parents and she is a happier dog!
Thank you Barb!

​L & T

"Barb is awesome. She's training both my dogs. After only one session, I saw great improvement. Great concept, great trainer, great dogs!"


​​​​​​​"We have enjoyed our wild setter so much more since Barb has worked with her.  Setters  have a mind of their own.  We asked Barb to help us with discipline and manners.  She had quite a job!  We acquired some techniques from Barb and everyone is much happier including the dog!"

"Our dog Miley (Boxer/Corgi mix) was a rescue and from her behaviors at home, she was very accustomed to being able to roam around and do whatever she pleased.  Barb came into our home, after making time on her day off, and immediately bonded with Miley as well as myself and my wife.  Within the first hour of meeting Barb, Miley was sitting and showing respect for myself and my wife's commands.  throughout Miley's 6 week beginner course, Miley continued to surprise us and made vast improvements.  Barb is extremely knowledgeable and was able to show us a variety of different methods for teaching Miley and better educating ourselves.  Barb has a knack with dogs and instantaneously formed a bond with our Miley.  We cannot wait to continue Miley's education through the Home Schooled pet.  Barb Post and the Home Schooled Pet is a no-brainer when it comes to individualized, professional, cost efficient, and worthwhile education for you and your dog.  In just 6 weeks our dog who seemed a hopeless case, has amazed us and we have all begun living a happier and more fulfilling life thanks to the Home Schooled Pet and Barb Post."   S.S.   

"Just had to let you know about the praise reports we have been getting on Luke.  The vet was amazed how much calmer he was and also two techs.  He is doing well with family and friends.  He is a joy to walk, looking forward to good weather!  Thank you for your patience with Luke!"  M & CK   

​"As first time dog owners-- we were very nervous and unsure about how to work with our new puppy Charlie! Barb came into our home and gave us ​a personalized 6 week training. She addressed issues such as potty training, loose leash walking, and basic commands. I would highly recommend Barb to anyone who wants an individualized approach to dog training! Barb was WONDERFUL!"


I would HIGHLY recommend the Home Schooled Pet.  Adding a new puppy to the family was a big decision.  I cannot thank Barb enough for her guidance and support on our new venture!!  In the Beginner Class, Barb was a knowledgeable resource.  She provided valuable information and taught us new training techniques.  Most importantly, she taught with compassion and kindness. Her weekly visits quickly became a family event and by the end of the Beginner Class, our new puppy was following basic commands from our 3-year-old daughter.  I value Barb's expertise and commitment to her work.  Her class has made a significant difference for our family....and I would certainly recommend her to your family!!
J & IM

"Barb helped transform our shy and timid puppy into a confident well trained member of our family. We saw a huge improvement in our dog's behavior and eliminated his bad habits.  She taught him how to walk on a leash and interact with people and other dogs.  It was great to be able to train in our home environment, where she could personalize our training sessions to fit our needs.  Our puppy Chester loved working with Barb just as much as we did!  His tail never stop wagging when she was in our home!"
H & AL